Bitumen. Reinvented.

Our BioBitumen made of natural resources is independent from oil refineries, gets transported and applied cold, is 10x more durable than classical bitumen and stores more than 1.516 kg CO2 per 1.000 kg bitumen.

Known from

A sustainable, oil-independent solution for the bitumen industry.

We are the first and only provider of CO2 negative bitumen, transforming your choice of paving material into a powerful environmental statement.

CO2 captured per
1.000 kg bitumen.

Our reverse engineered bitumen turns one of the world's largest sources of CO2 emissions into one of the largest CO2 captures.


More durable than
classical bitumen.

In a standardized third-party rutting test our repeatable bitumen quality outperformed the conventional reference material significantly.


Lower temperatures
during production

Our unique instant insutu formula saves energy during transportation and production and by this - reduces emissions even further.


Decentral asphalt

While conventional bitumen must also be kept hot within the radius of the refineries, our production takes place in situ in the mixing drum.

„After extensive testing by TPA and in the asphalt mixing plants of our subsidiary Deutsche Asphalt, the new production method can be implemented immediately, and the components asphaltene and maltene are sufficiently available. The material properties of BioBitumen as a binder in asphalt paving have also convinced us.“

Thomas Nyhsen

Board member STRABAG AG

Watch our founder Frank Albrecht
explaining BioBitumen

Calculate your impact

Enter the values for your project to get an approximate estimate of your CO2 savings when using BioBitumen for your school yard, parking lot or public project:

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Kilogramm CO2 saved with BioBitumen:

Even the Society for Asphalt Technology called us Industry disrupters

Adjustable ratio

Our reverse engineered bitumen turns one of the largest sources of CO2 into one of the largest CO2 captures.

Repeatable quality

The made to measure technical properties result in an unprecedented, repeatable bitumen quality.

Higher Safety

Most bitumen accidents are related to the – and are significantly reduced with our cold mix.

Developed by industry experts. Shipping now.

After more than 5 years of development and several successful pilot projects, we are now shipping at scale. Get in touch with us for your individual questions or to order your test kit.

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Since laying our first road more than a year ago, BioBitumen has been embraced in projects across the globe, including Germany, Italy, the UK, Africa and Japan.


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