How to apply
our bitumen

The application of our instant bitumen is nearly identical to classical bitumen - just at much lower temperatures.

Handover to the paver

Biotumen-based bioasphalt is indistinguishable from conventional asphalt. What is very different, however, is the temperature of the asphalt, in this case approx. 120°C. Conventional asphalt is usually paved at 150°C and more.


Bioasphalt is also indistinguishable from conventional asphalt when it comes to paving and compaction. Only the temperatures again differ significantly.


The bioasphalt can still be compacted perfectly at 115°C and is thus officially a warm asphalt and no longer a hot asphalt. The vapors that can be seen do not come from the asphalt, but are evaporating water from the rollers.

Let's pave the road to net zero.

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