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After years of development and testing our instant bitumen is shipping at scale.
This was our pilot project:

The Challenge

A client required the production of 300 tons of asphalt for a paving operation utilising 85% Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) containing a residual bitumen content of 3.7%.

In essence  „produce only 300 tons of specialised material from a current standard operational asphalt plant while simultaneously doubling the RAP content above what is considered the upper RAP % in standard practise.“

Our Solution

Together with MHI AG we produced a surface course asphalt (0/16) with 85% Recycled Asphalt Pavement containing 3.7% of aged binder with 15% of virgin aggregate and 1.5% Instant Bitumen.​

The results

  1. RAP asphalt meeting exacting client requirements with no modification of asphalt plant
  2. Reduced carbon emissions by half compared to conventional asphalt
  3. No waste
  4. No heated bitumen product to transport and handle
  5. Flexibility of application properties not just application quantity

Let's pave the road to net zero.

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